National Park Krka

National Park Krka

Located in a beautiful natural setting,  Krka River forms magnificent waterfalls cascading over 17 natural barriers. The natural beauties here reach their climax in a perpetual play of water and sun.

Krka was declared a national park in 1985. The river Krka is a rocky phenomenon which, as it flows towards the sea, forms a number of lakes, waterfalls and rapids. The National Park Krka spreads over a surface of 142 km2 and 25.6 km2 of the park is covered in water.

Skradinski buk are picturesque waterfalls on the River Krka and they cascade over 17 rocky barriers – the highest being 45m. Within the National Park Krka is also the Krka monastery, the mediaeval strongholds of Trosenj and Necven as well as the picturesque ancient town of Skradin.

Visitors can take a swim in the River Krka as well as rent a motorboat and take a ride up-river to the Roski waterfall, through the canyon channels where some of the canyons are up to 200m high, and to Lake Visovac with its little island.

National Park Plitvice Lakes


Situated in a thick forest, Plitvice Lakes are considered one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world.

The sixteen lakes, connected by 92 waterfalls, cascade through the picturesque surrounding. Plitvice Lakes were declared a national park in 1949, and since 1979, they have been in UNESCO’s List of World Natural Heritage. The parks attractions also include several caves and the varied flora and fauna.

A guided tour of the park lasts about two hours a half, including both a boat ride and walking tour.

National Park Kornati


In the central part of Croatian Adriatic Sea, about 15 Nm to the west from Sibenik town,  7 Nm to the southwest from Murter, or 15 Nm to the south from Zadar town, there is amazing group of islands named Kornati archipelago.

The Kornati archipelago consists of 89 islands and islets. Because of its exceptional beauty and uniqueness the archipelago was declared a national park in 1980.